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Microcerber Product Division conducts business etiquette training

At 13:30 on September 2, 2019, Microcyber Product Division conducted business etiquette training in the first floor conference room. The speaker was lecturer Du Lingling. "Ancient civilization" "The state of etiquette" is the world's name for our Chinese nation, and the essence of etiquette is respect, it is to be kind with others, and to treat others with sincerity. In order to let everyone communicate better with people in life and work, Microcyber Product Division conducted business etiquettetraining.

The training is divided into four parts: etiquette overview, professional image, business etiquette and social etiquette. The lecturer Du Lingling used the etiquette status as the entry point to let everyone know the essence of etiquette, and detailed the grooming, instrumentation and manners of men and women, focusing on language communication in social etiquette, telephone etiquette and table manners, focusing on business etiquette. Meet etiquette, WeChat etiquette, mail etiquette and location etiquette, and let everyone discuss the etiquette of the seat, and the last two scenarios are for everyone to apply the content of thistraining.

Through this training, everyone has a deeper understanding of business etiquette and some etiquette taboos, and laid the foundation for providing quality services to customers in the future. This training has been successfully completed.

Author: Siqi Fang, and translated by Sijia Zhang.

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