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2019 FieldComm Group China Annual Conference and Technical Seminar Successfully Completed

On March 18-19, 2019, the "FieldComm Group China 2019 Conference andTechnology Seminar" which was hosted by the FieldComm Group (FCG) andundertake by Microcyber Corporation was successfully held at MicrocyberCorporation.

The conference was hosted by Wang Jun, Global Technical Director of FCG.The opening of the conference was delivered by FC Global CEO Ted Masters.

FCG Global CEOTed Masters

Representatives, experts, etc. fromFCG, user companies, industry associations, and equipment/system manufacturersattended the conference.

The main contents of the conference include: FCG Global Update, FFTechnical Specifications and Test Tools, FF Technology Overview and EquipmentDevelopment Guide, FF Cable International Standards and EngineeringApplications, WirelessHART Gas Detector, TSN Technology Standards andDevelopment Status, WirelessHART Helping the Industrial Internet, FCG China2019 Activity Plan, Process Industry Bus Technology Research and ApplicationCase Sharing.

FCG Global CEOTed Masters

FCGGlobal Update

Director of Shenyang Institute of AutomationYang.Zhijia

TSNTechnical standards and development status

FCGGlobal Technical Director Wang Jun

FFIntroduction to technical specifications and test tools

FCG General Manager of China WuYuhui

FCG China's 2019 activity plan

General Manager of R&D Department of MICROCYBER Yang Zuye

WirelessHART Helping the Industrial Internet

During the conference, Microcyber presented theIIOT smart factory demonstration system and wireless demonstration system. TheIIOT smart factory demonstration system was built with self-developed controlsystem and bus products. The system is designed and manufactured based on theMicrocyber NCS4000 control system. It displays various bus devices including FFH1, PROFIBUS PA, PROFIBUS DP, HART, bus gateway, DP/PA coupler, etc. It can beclearly seen in the computer. The bus device is online and can read device dataor control devices. The Wireless Demonstration System Set is a smart factorywireless network communication technology independently developed by Microcyberbased on the WirelessHART standard. The whole system consists of WirelessHARTmodule, WirelessHART module multi-function evaluation board, WirelessHART module low-power evaluation board, WirelessHART adapter, WirelessHART intelligent gateway, and PLC intelligent controller. It can directly accessvarious wireless devices on the terminal tablet webpage. Diagnostics, maintenanceand data monitoring reflect Microcyber's breakthroughs and developments inwireless communications. The related equipment was well received by theparticipants.

For this meeting, delegates gave highpraise. The meeting achieved its intended purpose. The participants generallyreflected that the meeting was very timely, very successful and veryencouraging. It was agreed that the meeting would give you a quickerunderstanding of the latest FCG global news. During the two-day session, theamount of information was very large. Through learning, discussion ofdocuments, and exchange of experience, we had a deeper understanding ofinternational field communication and equipment system integrationtechnologies.

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